bat > cat

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

bat is a cat clone written completely from scratch in Rust and can be viewed as a successor to cat, that comes standard on all Linux distros, part of the GNU core utils package.

From its man page:

The cat utility reads files sequentially,
writing them to the standard output.
For some **cat** basics and more:

And lately bat has become my go to command, offering some decent improvements over its predecessor, for peaking at files quickly when in the terminal.

An example of viewing this blog’s config.toml file:

bat in iTerm2

It has Syntax highlighting, Git integration, and automatic paging, to name some features. I will typically pipe other commands thru bat for parsing, where I can get a nice, clean view of what the code or script would look like in my editor.

Take a look at sharkdp’s GitHub page, try it out, and overall be a happier developer in your terminal: